Breakthrough : Commitment to Excellence

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Award for Excellence in Business Ethics

The EBEN Business Ethics model is to promote ethics and excellence in businesses, to increase awareness about ethical challenges in the global marketplace. The model methodology is based on the application of all known requirements within the field of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance linked with a Standard Corporate Code of Ethics implemented at all levels and at all locations (ashore and onboard).

In 2008, the Company was awarded among other word-wide known companies with the Bronze Medal on Business Ethics Excellence Model demonstrating its commitment to high transparency methods towards all involved stakeholders, shareholders and customers. Continuing its business ethics excellence quest in 2009 was awarded with its Silver Medal certifying that core competencies of the model have become part of its day-to-day operation.

In 2010 the company was awarded with a Golden Medal, thus marking Allseas Marine SA, Business Ethics Excellence company in the market.


Award for Excellence in Quality Management

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is a model that assists companies to a journey whishing to pursue Excellence. That is not easy to be achieved. A maturity level (Ashore and onboard) in model criteria and philosophy is not only to be demonstrated but infused in people thinking. It helps companies to identify their organizational goals and gives guidance on how to achieve them. It also supports our quest for improvement recognizing that this is a continuous process.

In 2009, Allseas Marine SA was award for its first level achievement being a company “Committed to Excellence” among other word-wide known companies. This award is designed for companies starting their journey towards Excellence. It provided Allseas Marine Sa with a practicl and simple approach on which we have built our knowledge and experience to fulfill the 3 projects being the Environmental Management, Integration of Document Management System and Ashore Employees Opinion Survey.

In 2010, the company was awarded the 3 Stars which marked Allseas Marine SA as a company “Recognized for Excellence in Europe”. This way the 8 fundamental concepts of the model and the implementation of all nine criteria of the model, will lead the company one step forward in its long journey to excellence.


The AMVER (Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue is a system that is supported by the American Coast guard. It consists of a central computer system that it records every 48 hours the geographic stain of all boats they participate in the program (without fee) thus, in case that a boat is in danger, the computer locates the boats that are found in the nearby area diverts them to this direction in order to provide every possible help. Roughly more than 10.000 boats from 90 countries participate in this system. Every day AMVER tracks approximately 3.100 boats in the entire world. The information contained in the AMVER system is protected and is only provided for the rescue of boats in emergency. The American Coast guard rewards the companies that their ships are  participating in the AMVER program for more from 128 days. One year of attendance the boat is eligible of flag of color blue, 5 years of colour purple and after 15 and 20 years is granted an honorary plaque.

Each year in the rewards of AMVER constitute one from the most important events that is organized by the Propeller Club Port of Piraeus with the collaboration of the American embassy and the American Coast guard and that assembles other distinguished personalities and institutions of the shipping community.

Allseas Marine S.A. has received 8 awards during this program and the Crew and the Captain of M/V “CLEAN SEAS”, was also awarded for their participation in the rescue of Philippine Crew.

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