It was a pleasure for our company to be invited by the Greek Embassy – Manila to be with them in celebration of the Greek Independence. This was held at the Intercontinental Manila in Makati. His Excellency the Ambassador George Nicolaidis and his wife, First Secretary Verg his and his wife were the ones who welcomed their guests composed mostly of Consuls and other Ambassadors of other Embassies and high officials of our country, guests and friends to the reception.

The celebration of Greek Independence Day on March 25th draws inspiration from one of the holiest days for Greek Orthodox Christians, the Annunciation of the Theotokos. This is the day that the Archangel announced to Mary that she would bear a child. Bishop Germanos of Patras seized the opportunity by raising the banner of revolution, in the act of defiance against the Turks and marked the beginning of the War of Independence Cries of Zito H. Elias and Eleftheria H. Thanatos can still be heard today. These freedom fighters or kiephts as they were called, of Greece sacrificed much for their country. Kolokotronis. Nikitara, Karaiskakis, Bouboulina and Mpotsaris are some of the heroes of the revolution.

The above was one of the highlights of the program, wherein some powerpoints of the uprisings and struggle for Independence was shown to all the guests.

The celebration of the Greek independence here in Manila was successful event, both for the Embassy and the guests who enjoyed the sumptuous food served and viewed the scenic and famous places in Greece, where we we’re amazed of its beauty, and of course a flashback of history, the archaeological sites, Museum of the Olympic Games, the Dims Cave and a lot more.

The occasion was both fun, educational and meeting of minds and friends.