It was truly a family gathering among  Crewcare, Inc ‘s Seafarer’s Wives last  Saturday morning, February 24, 2013.  With an attendance of nearly 20 Wives and children. This was the beginning of another assembly of wives that is called  CCIMA  and  another membership meeting after  several years of not being active as many members were busy in their own fields.   The meeting was held right in the office of Crewcare, Inc.

We started to  reconnect with the our Officer’s and crew’s wives again. We started this Association way back in 2007, where many wives committed themselves for the shared missions of our company.  From the Seafarer’s Wives,   “It was very therapeutic,”  says one of the original member of this group. We have Wive’s  Seminar, they are active in the Social Responsibility  of the company like, Medical Missions,  Prison Ministry and others.

Wives of overseas contract workers who are left behind to take care of everything at home, wives who are missing the comfort and happiness of being with their husbands, wives whose loneliness is compensated with much financial support are very much susceptible to temptations in their struggle to survive. So, here at Crewcare Inc., we invited as many wives as we can to join our Association, as one of our Mission is to generate a bred of self directed, global and environmentally caring wives and family.

This is one  key in conquering loneliness, to do things that will also make the Wives and their families happy and productive,  as they will have a core group,  but they have to make sure that their husband is still their priority;  and never destroy their trust in each other.
Learning  Something New

Being with the Association,  they get to meet the  other wives who shares the same passion of being in an Association to be able to accelerate leadership and personal development . The Core Values are, Commitment to Excellence, Compassionate Service, Co-Responsibility, Simplicity, Social commitment and Solidarity.

As the President of the Company, have explained to all the wives present, the benefits and encouraged everyone to remain fully engaged in moving forward to achieve the objectives of the Association. The Association assures every member that it would diligently follow their program of fostering closer relationship among  each other and to promote their well being. The Association  intends to conduct training programs on personality development and livelihood projects and will initiate solidarity programs such as family day, fun runs, seminars, Christmas Party and a lot  more.
We had a simple lunch with all of them , while they reminisced the past Wive’s seminars, Medical Missions, Outings, parties and the joy of being together through the slide shows  being shown to our seafarer’s wives. There was so much fun and laughter as they are happy having newfound friends.The assembly was concluded with the  election of the new set of officers who will be coordinating with us, their plans, activities and some other projects that they may agree. From the side of  Crewcare Management, we will  provide guidance and direction in the implementation of the Association’s  program and help in the financial aspect as well . For their part, the newly elected officers pledged their best efforts to cooperate with each other to achieve their common goal. The Election of Officers  was presided by our very own Ms. Lina Tenepere (Crewcare, Inc’s, Accounts Manager).

The elected officers are:

President: Mrs. Genevive Pava               
Vice President: Mrs. Rosario Fontanillas
Secretary: Mrs. Vivian Agulto
Treasurer: Mrs. Raquel Villegas
PRO    1. Mrs. Bernadette Orejola
2. Mrs. Belinda Lozada

Have expressed my good wishes to the group and congratulated the newly elected officers.
And the Assembly culminated with picture takings, more sharing of stories and laughter and happiness were really in the air. This will really be another start of a truly committed wives to the mission and vision of the company and with a promise that their husbands will be with Crewcare, Inc as long as they are needed.