On 09th Feb. 2013, one vessel from the company’s container fleet called port of Manila to discharge at Asian Terminal Inc. in Manila’s South Harbor. Unusual  crew changes will be effected due to various reasons. One was document validity and the other two were own-request.

Company procedures of boarding the vessel for routine inspection was carried out by Capt. Ioannis Doumenis and me. We boarded the vessel along with the staff of Crew Care Inc. with the intentions of having a meeting with the Filipino crew onboard on their grievance if there are.
Capt. I.D. and JSN primarily discussed with the Captain and Chief Engineer of the vessel for the inspection of the whole vessel  in line with the company’s policy. We have toured the vessel, Capt. Ioannis on deck and myself in the engine room escorted by C/E Vadim Barabash. I met most of the  engine personnel below and randomly checked some matters relevant to their job responsibility, officers and crew relationship and engine room machineries condition. Machinery condition and upkeep was positive, as evidenced by the engine room condition of machineries and the tidiness of the engine room. There was one negative aspect which I have noted and in my fair assessment the evaluation made and been discussed with the responsible officer was true based on the random cross checking among our compatriots in the same department. It was a very unpleasant thrust to our  seafarers as well as for Crew Care Inc. to have employed such crew of that attitude which unfortunately beyond anyone’s control. The endpoint was a blame in general, “Filipino Seafarers”. The culprit was one Filipino seafarer and the blame was indirectly pointed to all of us. Could anyone imagine the result and effect of a small finger pain? It has been felt by the whole body. What could be everyone’s  contribution then, to evade the re-occurences of such darkside attitudes? WE MUST HELP EACH OTHER ADVISING OUR COMRADES IN CONCERN TO THINK AND ANALYZE THE PROBLEM.ADVISE HIM TO BE ABLE TO ALLEVIATE THE GRIEVANCES, REVIEW THE CONTRACT HE HAD SIGNED WHERE ALL OF YOU WERE BEING TRAINED WITH PDOS, WHICH NEEDLESS TO SAY , YOUR BENEFITS, JOB AND RESPONSIBILITY AND ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR CONTRACT WITH THE COMPANY WERE BEING DISCUSSED.

Erase the common wrong mentality saying that ”In my last company, it was like this and like that”. Forget the last and face what you have pledged to the present company. That is a clear indication that you are a professional.
Ultimately, we have seen the bright side of our crew where we found them capable and well oriented in their job responsibility. They have shown a high rating of camaraderie. The vessel was clean in general and was well in line with the company standard.

We would like to congratulate Capt. Igor Gasanov and Chief Engineer Vadym Barabash and all officers and crew of “ CV BOX VOYAGER “ for having a vessel which have met the company’s expectation.