Quality Policy

Crewcare Inc. is committed to provide qualified, certified and medically fit seafarer’s in accordance with National & International rules & regulations, which consistently and continuously meets the requirements of customers. This is achieved by establishing & implementing managerial & operational processes which have been emerged from the combination of sound managerial and long last experience in crew recruitment.

Crewcare Inc. is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of quality management system. We live to improve quality of providing services & consequently to achieve the satisfaction of the customer & continually control & improve its effectiveness through:

–    Conformance with applicable statutory requirements, International Legislation & National requirements
–    To meet customer requirements as defined in the released Contract & to their instructions
–    Maintain appropriate seaman’s pool to response effectively in customer requirements
–    Monitoring & measurement the adequacy of service provided

In order to meet these objectives, Crewcare Inc. has established, documented, implemented & maintained a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, aimed to improve the quality of offered seamen and consequently achieve the satisfaction of its customers. Provisions & obligatory stipulated in the quality policy are applicable to all personnel engaged in quality affecting activities & should be followed as practicable.

Top Management bears responsibility to support the established quality system through encouraging & training of involved personnel. Quality Policy & objectives will be reviewed annually to access suitability achieved results, implementation of necessary clauses, generation of new quality objectives. Personnel shall be well informed on such reviews.

Copy of this policy is posted in Company’s premises.