THE seafaring world may be a male dominated world but Crewcare Inc’s President and General Manager Josephine M. Roldan’s success in directing the manning agency entrusted to her is certainly proving that a woman can be equal or even better than a man.

Ms. Roldan, fondly called Ms. Jo by her colleagues, friends and loved-ones, attributes her spectacular showing in the maritime field to the influence of several bosses who inspired her to work hard aside from teaching her the ropes of the business.

“I was inspired to work in the industry by the late Capt. Kenneth Mckenzie of Wallem Maritime Services/Singa Ship/Smedvig Tankship. He was my greatest mentor in this business. Capt. Mckenzie honed my decision making skills by sending me to Ateneo De Manila University for additional management studies and training,” Ms. Jo said.

She also expressed thanks for her other bosses which include Rick Kent, Jim Nicoll, Atty. Mercedes Gatmaytan, Ed _labia, and George Skrimizeas for setting her in the right track.

Ms. Jo said that she started her manning agency career under the auspices of Wallem Maritime Services where she worked for almost six years.

The Crewcare president added she fell in love with the manning industry and decided to stick with the crewing side of the shipping business as she is able to help a lot of our countrymen land decent jobs.

“I have been in the industry for more than 27 years now and the main reason why I love my job is because I am able to help a lot of our .countrymen find decent and good paying jobs abroad. Maybe God decided to put me in this field because he knew I like helping people,” Ms. Jo recounted.


Roldan also said that her family is the sole reason why she is persevering to be the best in this business.

“My sole inspiration in life is my family, they are my anchor, my reason to strive harder in my job,” Ms. Jo further said.

“My secret of being successful now is my dedication to my job, being focused and stand on my principles. I set achievable goals for myself and Work hard for it,” she pointed out.

Ms. Jo also said that having a good support team (Allseas/ Crewcare Family) is also a cornerstone of her success.

“I can manage well because I have a team. I focus on a group and I am inspired by the trust of our owner,” the Crewcare president further narrated.

She added that she is trying to inculcate these values to all of her children to ensure that they would be also successful in life.

“What I taught them is that their feet should always be on the ground, whatever achievements they may have in life. They should always pray and thank the Lord for all the blessings. Never be proud and they should always have an open arm to help poor people,” the Crewcare president further narrated.

She also said that she is proud

to have a husband, Benny, who is very supportive of her career.

“I may not be a millionaire in terms of money but I am very rich with love, protection and care I get from my husband, who is also a seafarer for 23 years and is presently with Teekay Phils,” Roldan narrated.

Taking care of her people

Ms. Jo also believes that taking time to know and interact with employees regardless of their position is a good way for the management to build rapport and trust with the rank-and-file.

“I take care of my people, be it the seafarers and my staff. I always initiate dialogue with them. I listen to what they say of their perceived goals, needs and wants in terms of work satisfaction;’ she said.

Roldan also said that it is important to have a good working relationship with your subordinates as it could increase the productivity and efficiency of the work place.

“I build relationship because it is important to build professional, amiable relationship in the workplace. I am cognizant of personal details and show genuine interest in them as a person and not just subordinates,” Ms. Jo pointed out.

She said that this is the reason why the retention rate of their seafarers is at 90 percent, which is considered to be the all time high in the Philippine manning industry.

Ms. Jo said that this fact has inspired Crewcare to look into the possibility of buying more vessels and have instituted an in-house cadetship program where they are being trained.

She said that the project will enable the company to produce more top of the line seamen.

“Our long term project is our cadetship program wherein we want to have our own homegrown officers and one more is to be able to give more benefits and incentives to the families of our crew. In due time our company will be sponsoring scholarships for aspiring seafarers and not just that, our principal will also give scholarships to some deserving children of our seafarers,” Ms. Jo further said.

She also advised future seafarers to think positive, study and work hard to earn their place in the manning industry.

“Winners think positive about positive results. Losers think negative results.” We are who we think we are.” That’s my advice also to aspiring seafarers and in addition to be patient, focused and always aspire to learn more, so they should have time to read and read,”, success is not a single event, we have to work hard for it. Ms. Jo concluded.